Useful Resources

There are some great sites out there which have lots of useful information if you are expecting or have twins. Below I have put some of the ones I found most useful.

Twins Trust

One of the main Twin and Multiple associations is Twins Trust. 
It is worth checking the website out. One thing they do are antenatal classes specifically for parents expecting multiples. We did one of these courses, my honest opinion is it was good, however as they are not run in every town you just have to find your closest one. I had a lovely group and we did chat on whatssapp which was nice. The course itself gave lots of advice and is especially great for first time parents – otherwise I think a lot you would already know! You may choose a specific Twins Trust course or NCT one but I think doing one is definitely a good idea.

TWIN Clubs

I have loved going to twin club, these are run by different organisations so it is worth looking up online what is available in your area. We started when the boys were about 4 months, at this point they could have a play and I could have a tea and chat with fellow mums. We have made some great friends and think it has been a really useful place to get information and create a good support group. It can be daunting to turn up to these clubs on your own, but they will have volunteers who can help and have people there who can also get you more support if you need it. Plus sometimes at the beginning it’s just a case of getting out, and with ours you can take along other siblings. So I would really encourage you go along and meet others in the same boat. You can also find your nearest club on the Twins Trust  website (they have a full list)


Homestart offer lots of different services, one being home visits and help, they also run some of the twin clubs. To check them out click here.
If you don’t have family or close friends around to help at the start they may be able to help you with the vital support needed, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. I have had experience with Homestart and they are so lovely and friendly and really do offer a great support.


Facebook is also great to find out what is going on in your local area, for me there is a twin group for where I live ‘Twin mums of West Sussex’ so do a search and see if there is group for your local area. They usually put up groups, meet ups etc.

There are some great closed groups which offer lots of support and you can ask questions (Twinlife, Twin Support UK and plenty more). Also if you are looking for 2nd hand items there are plenty of selling groups for twin mums which means you get matching outfits for a much lower cost. In fact there is one group which offers free clothes for parents of multiples called ‘Free clothes/toys/items within twin/multiples community UK’  so do check it out.

As well as the official organisations and groups there are so many other amazing twin mums out there. I started to follow lots when I was pregnant on Instagram, its great to get ideas from others and just follow along to see you are not alone in the crazy world of multiples. Some of these mums are funny /  inspiring and offer advice. Some I enjoy are:


@twinningituk – offers fact based advice on feeding and sleeping and also has twins
@noahsarkfamily – has 2 sets of twins and runs her own business @minifirstaid who are also great for first aid courses (tried an tested and would really recommend)

Also I ran a get to know you twin mum challenge on Instagram, everyone used the #multiplemumsupport so if you are pregnant or would like to find mums to chat to check out the # and read all their stories and find new accounts to follow 🙂

Twin Club Chat Forum

There is also a new lovely chat forum just for parents of multiples, it is free to register and you can ask questions, find advice and help support others. Visit to find out more and sign up to the forum. Or on instagram

Breastfeeding Support

If you are looking for support with Breastfeeding twins or triplets then take a look at @bftwinsuk on Instagram or visit – they have trained breastfeeding mentors to help support, lots of tips and a great Facebook support group so this would be a great place to start. 

I wanted this site to be more than a shop, I would love for it to be a place where we can all share information so if there are any clubs or groups local to you that you think new twin mums near you should look out for please let me know. Also if you go to any classes which are particularly twin friendly let us know. 🙂

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