Twins – Jyssicas birth story

To start off the series of guest bloggers and twin mum stories we have the lovely Jyssica who is mummy to twins Noah and Elia. She has agreed to share her birth story with us and I know you will enjoy reading.

If you would like to follow more of her journey please follow along on instagram @noah_elia_twinsstagram and I know she would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


My twin pregnancy was pretty straight forward. I got pregnant following a miscarriage so I personally was riddled with anxiety, however medically we were very fortunate. I had morning sickness from about week 7 to 18. Do not let the term “morning” fool you. It was all day. All I ate for weeks was apples and salt and vinegar crisps. 

We had our 12 & 20 week scan both perfect and then growth scans every 4 weeks due to it being an uncomplicated twin pregnancy. At around 34 weeks I was struggling to tell which twin was moving so I had monitoring every week and then at 36 weeks I was monitored every day. One consultant was pushing me to have a section due to my little girl being just 5lb and her growth had tailed. The consultant scarily said she wasn’t sure how she would deal with labour. I went home in floods of tears as I had geared myself for a vaginal delivery.

I then got a second opinion and a higher consultant who specialised in twins put my mind at ease and told me she was more than happy to let me attempt a vaginal delivery due to twin 1 being head down she assured me if twin 2 was ever at risk they would act quickly.

I have to be honest I was so surprised I was able to carry my twins full term. I had read and googled myself into oblivion about high risk pregnancy premature birth and labour but my experience was nothing but positive. I was induced at 37 weeks and 1 day.

Monday 25th March was the date. I was told to be at the delivery suite between 9 and 10am. I was so excited the night before I could barely sleep. I was also nervous because I had heard so many induction horror stories. I was sleeping on the sofa bed due to my bump making it hard to sleep and being very uncomfortable and one of my regrets is that I didnt spend a last night in my own bed with my partner. Seriously my advice is snuggle up, talk about the future and then try and get some rest. 

Upon arrival at the delivery suite I was taken into my own delivery room where my babies would be born. Things felt a bit surreal. Usually with an induction people are taken to a ward but due to having twins I was given a private suite straight away. I had a lovely midwife who came to explain the process and how it would all go. 

At around 11am she examined my cervix, did a sweep and inserted the gel pessary. Well that was utter pain. My cervix was tilted and she had to move it (I didn’t even know you could do that).It really was painful. She told me we now wait 6 hours and re-examine.

A long and uneventful 6 hours passed and she re examined me at 6pm that evening. 1cm dilated. It hardly worked, I would need another gel and sweep. Ouch. I begged for some gas and air when they did it the 2nd time. The midwife said hopefully I wont need another pessary and they may be able to break my waters artificially after the next 6 hours.

The next 6 hours was quite painful. My contractions began and I had zero sleep. They left me overnight for me to try get some rest. The following morning my midwife examined me again, I was 3cm but they think my waters had gone on their own! I hadn’t felt a thing!? They decided to try and break them just incase there was any left! After this things picked up a little.

I personally decided to have the epidural, because if twin 2 was in any distress and I required theatre if I didnt have one put in I would be put asleep under general anaesthetic and I didnt want that. Having the epidural was fine, I did get a jumpy leg which scared me a bit. I sent other half out the room as I dont think he would of coped well with seeing it! 
Epidural and hormone drip went in around 11am on the Tuesday and I was now going to have to stay on my bed. No food or drink was the worst thing. I was starving! 

Following this the babies needed monitoring every hour and I was examined every 4ish hours. I progressed quite well and was going a few centimetres every few hours. 

It got to around 11pm which was 12 hours after the epidural had been put in and I started getting a pressure sensation. I told the midwives and she said we would start pushing at 12. Just 30 minutes later I told her I really felt like I needed to push. 

She began getting the room ready she was so calming and a student was talking me through what would happen. They said to try pushing when It felt right and once they had set up they would help me and tell me when I was having a contraction as the epidural dampened them for me. 

I pushed unguided for about 15 minutes then the girls came over and that’s when it really got going. I felt able to push 10 times harder with their guidance. At times it felt like I was getting nowhere, but after about 5 big pushes they said they could see Twin 1’s head and I felt it with my hand. I pushed once more and our beautiful boy Twin 1 was born at 00:03am on Wednesday 27th March. They cleaned him and placed him on my chest and I vividly remember his face so perfect, beautiful lips and a button nose. My Boy.

The hard work was not done. During me having skin to skin with Noah the room filled up, doctors, consultants more midwives about 10 people in total. Our girl was transverse and she needed to be turned head down. A doctor manipulated my tummy and scanned me at the same time. It wasn’t working she was going footling breech. I don’t remember much from here but I remember them saying we are going to deliver her and I would need to push again. I remember thinking I can’t push any more I was so tired. I remember my mum and partner being over the incubator with Noah and I was shouting is he okay. He was perfectly fine!

Now I had to start pushing on guidance from the Doctor who was going to deliver our girl rather than a midwife. She examined the scanner and I remember her adding some local anaesthetic as I got some feeling back down below. I was pushing my hardest, the next bit is a bit of a blur.
Elia was born at 00:19am I don’t remember seeing her for the first time which upsets me so much, they took her right away as she struggled to breathe for a few moments. This is when I started to loose blood. I could see the concern on the doctors face as she demanded assistance from others in the room. I can laugh now but my mum and other half had no clue what was going on because they were cooing over Elia.

The staff were massaging my tummy to stop the bleeding. I felt dizzy and faint, I had them talking about possible transfusions and theatre. But thank my lucky stars the bleeding stopped. I remember just being in a bubble after everything was ok. I had skin to skin with both my babies and they had my expressed colostrum. I am so lucky to have needed zero intervention by way of forceps or ventouse or theatre. I had an episiotomy and some stitches! I took a risk giving birth vaginally and it paid off for me.

Twin births needn’t always be scary or heavily led by consultants. I never did any hypnobirthing but I’ve always been a very positive person which really did help. All I would say to any mum to be, twins or not, you always know best! Do what feels right for you and your babies. Giving birth was the proudest day of my life.
I felt like a celebrity for the rest of our hospital stay. I had midwives coming to see me and the babies saying I done so well especially delivering breech and I just felt so so proud of my body and mind.

Well writing this has made me nostalgic and emotional! If anyone has any questions about my twin birth or your in a similar boat always feel free to message me!

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