Social Media and Mums

I have been thinking alot recently about how social media really has changed so much for mum’s. Think about the generation of mum’s before us, when they were lonely they could go to a group to meet mum’s, which was great, but it would have been a small circle and all from the same area.

Sometimes I wonder, were these mums in fact in a better situation? There was no social media so the friendships they made they had to work harder to keep them / grow them? They would have had to actually pick up the phone and had a chat to make plans and maybe put more effort into those friendships as they needed each other, there wasn’t another outlet for them. And they had nothing to compare with apart from each other, they didn’t look at their phone and spend an afternoon wondering why they couldn’t keep their house as clean as someone on the other side of the country!


I think some things were certainly less talked about and those maybe going through tough times may have suffered a lot more. Really it’s only now people are starting to talk about PND and different mental health issues.

They also didn’t have the opportunities, they wanted to work from home, do flexible hours but the workplace was not as accommodating and setting up a business and promoting it would have been tough. 
Now with social media we can find others who although we may not meet face to face are facing the same struggles and highs and we can build our tribe of people who get it. It really has opened a whole new world for us. 

I think if used in the right way its amazing just how it connects so many strangers. I think about the infertility community on Instagram, thousands of women supporting each other, it always blew me away. I guess in the past people would have hardly spoke about it let alone shared their story with strangers.
We are all aware that it can lead to comparing ourselves against something which isn’t even real. And maybe we are all guilty of posting only ‘insta worthy photos’. It’s a fine line and I’m just glad now I’m older I really don’t have the energy to be trying to keep up with looking and being perfect.

In the past mum’s would have stayed at home or gone out to work long hours. The opportunities that we have now just were not there. I was thinking about all the mum’s I follow who run businesses around there families. Set them up from scratch and managing them how and when they want to. It’s amazing. Yes there is now so much competition and you could say so many are doing the same but the fact that all these mum’s are managing businesses and customers and there babies to fit them, I just think is so motivating and inspiring. 

I’m not saying it’s easy, I currently work a busy job and do just4twins on the side, it’s something I love so I don’t mind but time is precious so sometimes it can feel a lot. 
But for me it’s all about the future, I’m a believer in you have to work hard to create what you want.

Who truly knows who had it better, us or the generation before, but for mums things have certainly changed!

Well done to any mum who had a dream and managed to make it real and if you have an idea go for it. With the internet the world is at your fingertips and by giving it a go you don’t have much to lose!

I think there is a brilliant community out there of amazing mum’s so here to you xx

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