This week is National Wellbeing week, so I wanted to give you some tips on supporting both our well-being and mental health. 

When you become a mum it’s so easy to feel bottom of the list with regards to time for yourself. And being a mum of twins we are so busy caring for two babies that we can start to forget who we really are.

I know this because I have been there, I used to tell myself I didn’t have any time for my own self-care or to do things for myself. But what I have learnt is to help my mind these things don’t need to be huge. 

I don’t need long weekends away (although they are lovely) or need the money to get my nails done every week. I wanted to share some simple things which really help our minds and that we can practise regularly and actually make a difference. 


1. Cut the negative self-talk
Ok, so we have all done this right?
I haven’t been a great parent today, I couldn’t meet all their needs, we didn’t get out for a walk, I look so tired…. the list goes on. We need to try and stop this as it will affect how we are feeling and the truth is none of it is true, you looked after twins which in itself makes you amazing. So when you start to think overly negative try and turn it around to something positive as it really will help. And remember NO ONE is a perfect parent every day!

2. Take regular days off social media – we may not think this is having an effect on our minds, but I bet it is. Having a few days off from the comparison and seeing what others are doing can help. And make sure you follow those who make you feel good, when we spend time scrolling it should be to see content that uplifts us or that we can connect with. 

3. It’s ok to say no! You are busy every day with twins, so if things come up you don’t want to do or you know will be stressful, say no.. it is ok.

4. Keep a journal. You will be surprised how many wins you have and how far you have come. So keep a notebook and a few evenings a week jot down how you are feeling, what you are grateful for and your wins. 

5. Find some time out that works with your routine. It can be hard getting out without the babies but look where you could make it happen. Maybe a weekly walk in the evening when mum/dad can watch them. I do a weekly exercise class and I so look forward to that night. It could be asking a grandparent to have them for an hour while you go for a walk in the woods. Have a look at your routine and see where you can find that hour. 

6. Connection – in a national survey this came up as one of the top 5 things people need for their wellbeing. We need to feel connected to others, which could be family, friends, or peers. We need to keep these relationships strong so again try and find some time to keep creating memories with these people. Even if it’s family days out with friends, spending time with them is important so try not to shut them out.

I really hope these help you, being twin mums puts us in a wonderful community so do try and reach out to other mums and even myself, i’m always happy to chat.  

If you feel like you need some extra support or information MIND do some great work, click here to visit the website.

Thank you so much for reading and i’d love to know below what you do to help your well-being? 

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