*NEW* Guest Blog Post Series

I have been so lucky that some amazing twin mums and twin mums to be have been brave enough and willing to let me share their stories on my blog.

I wanted to do this because when I found out I was having twins I spent so much time reading blogs and trying to get my head around what was to come. I think reading it from real mums really helped me, and gave me confidence / tips and a handle on what was to come.

But everyone has a different experience and story to tell, I felt like if I just kept sharing mine you were really only getting a snippet and I couldn’t really find many places online which shared lots of peoples stories in one place.

My hope is that you will enjoy reading these posts, know you are not the only one experiencing certain situations, and that you will see each one is different but we are all on the same team.

And these are all real mums, and I know they would always be willing to answer your questions, so I have made sure to tag them and put instagram links in each one so you can continue to follow them or ask them anything further.

The twin mum community really is just that and sometimes the people who just ‘get it’ are the ones in the same boat.

I am hoping to put up at least one new post a week over August and maybe September so keep checking back. And let me know if you would like to share something.

Thank you all again for both sharing and reading 🙂

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