‘I gave birth to my twins and then Lockdown hit’

I fell pregnant during the summer of 2019 after one try (I know, I was shocked too). At the time of course I only thought I was pregnant with one baby. At 8 weeks pregnant I had a car crash, a white transit van went into the back of my little Clio. I was told I didn’t need scanning and to wait for my 12 week scan. During this time I had horrendous sickness (which lasted until I was 18 weeks and then returned at 24 until I gave birth), I also had the worry something horrible may have happened to my baby.

The 12 week scan came around and I was in the room and was asked by the midwife if this was my first scan. I replied immediately saying yes, and I just needed to know the baby is okay. Her reply was “well this baby is okay and so is this baby”. I burst into tears (I admit I was gutted it was twins at the time as I was absolutely terrified). My husband sat there in shock and asked me if two heart beats meant twins… poor guy. I had to spend 30 mins in the waiting room calming down so they could take my bloods. We then went straight to mothercare to find out how much double prams cost!

Once it sunk in, it was an amazing and special time sharing the news with our friends and family. Then the build up with family and eventually my baby shower. The last normal thing I did before being put on bedrest to save my children (without it I was told I could loose my Twin 1 as he was so small).
The day my tinkers decided they wanted to start the process of making an appearance, which was a Saturday), was like any other day. I went to a Pilates class and later started cramping. I went for tea with family and I was in agony. 

On the Sunday I went to MAU to be told it was Braxton Hicks and I would be fine (in the words of Rachel from friends, “no uterus, no opinion”). Well on the Monday after no sleep since the Friday due to the pain, my waters with twin 1 broke. I went back to MAU to a very apologetic doctor to be told I was 2cm dilated. It took until Wednesday morning at 2.02am where twin 1 came out head first at 3lb 14oz and 2.12am where twin 2 came out footling breech at 5lb (the closest I will ever feel to being lambed). They were 35 weeks in gestation so needed tube feeding and heat pad.

Once I gave birth which was actually an amazing experience despite almost loosing my Twin 1 due to his heart rate dropping and Twin 2 due to not breathing. I then had to say goodbye to my Twin 1 for 2 days as he was too small and poorly to be with me and needed to be in special care. He then returned to me, his Dad and his brother into a specific mother and child special care.

This was when the worst time of my life happened which I can only say should have been the best. Lockdown happened and just like that my husband wasn’t allowed to be with us anymore. I spent a further 12 days on my own, a new mum to twins and not able to leave my bed unless I pressed the buzzer due to covid rules. I fell into what I can imagine was close to depression, it was only my boys that got me through.

Finally I was allowed home and was escorted to meet my husband at the entrance to the hospital where we took our boys home. That was when we started our journey. New parents and completely alone with no help with two very small babies who were only just off being tube fed. We suffered their weight loss, sleepless nights, severe reflux all alone with no help from Grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends. They say it takes a village to raise children and we had to be that village.

Window visits were the heartbreaking way forward in which I plastered a smile on my face when grandparents were allowed at the backdoor and then I crumbled into a heap of tears on the floor once they’d left.

The boys were 4 months old when my Mother held her grandchildren for the first time (as a nurse she sneakily held them at a kidney scan check up). Best feeling ever yet I couldn’t hug her.

Then came the bubbles at 4.5/5 months old. My mother as a single woman was in ours. She was finally allowed to bond with her grandchildren who have adored her since. We then allowed once the rules changed my husbands family and my sister to meet them at 5/6 months old. I never looked back and they’ve seen them ever since. Their bonds are amazing despite the awful and shocking separation from them.

It made us the parents we are today and we still restrict the people they see. They haven’t met half of their family but I am proud to say my 35 weeker babies are now 1.5 year old and healthy, happy and loved. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Having that time together as a family of 4 although longer than I would have liked made us strong, made us a unit. I hope my story makes some new mothers of multiples realise that it is hard, but it all works out in the end and we as multiple mothers ROCK and were chosen for a reason.

Did you give birth during Lockdown, let us know below your experience x

Thank you so much to Christina for sharing her story, if you would like to follow her or have any questions she can be found at @christinaaaaa_h 

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