10 Tips for parents of twins returning to work after parental leave or an extended career break

For a smooth transition into work-life-parent balance, practical planning and mental preparation are at the heart of a successful return to work.

Although returning after maternity and a career break are different contextually, there are many similarities in how to manage these return-to-work transitions.

There are 13 million working parents in the UK who juggle family at the same time as meeting the demands of their job. Remember, they didn’t achieve this overnight. Generally, it takes around 3 months to get into the swing of things. There are lots of simultaneous changes happening in your family, but they will soon become the new normal.

“Return to work is a process, not a one-off event”

As a mum of three myself (1+twins) I empathise with the additional considerations we need to take into account when returning to work. Don’t let financial implications sway your decisions. It’s not forever, just for now. And, the long-term benefits to you and your family will outweigh any immediate disadvantages.

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This article was written by Jo Lawrence Founder of The Mum Mentor®. Jo launched her career coaching business to help twin mums keep their career on track throughout motherhood.

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