Support & Downloads

Firstly you are mostly likely here as you have found out you are having twins, so a huge congratulations. I promise they are such a blessing. But I am sure you are wondering where you can turn for some support. There are some amazing websites which can support you, but as a twin mum myself I wanted to create a place and site where you can find some information from another twin mum. I really hope some of the below information and documents help. 

Preparing for twins

So you know you are having twins but then what, if you are anything like me that means turning to google. But what has helped me the most is listening and chatting to other twin mums. I have been thinking about creating this guide for a while, I am by no means an expert but if you are looking for some tips and thoughts on preparing for twins from one mum to another then please download our guide by clicking here

Hospital Bag Checklist

So you are beginning to prepare and think about your hospital bag but what should you pack?

This checklist I hope helps gives you some ideas, you may not choose to include it all but I have tried to cover everything you may want to consider. Click here to download.

There is also some space to make notes to list any of your own ideas.


Myself and Shellie from @the_cabanyal_twins have set up an initiative called Multipals. We know that when you find out you are expecting twins or bring home two tiny babies, it can be a bit daunting and you have so many questions. Sometimes, all we really need / want is to ask someone who has been there and done it. So we launched MULTIPALS..two mamas together, helping and supporting one another. Getting straight to the nitty gritty tough stuff. We match people together, so you have that one person you can go to with your questions. To see the full details and find lots of useful information for twin parents please follow us at @multipalstogether.