About Me

My name is Melanie and I am a mum to twin boys, Oliver and Toby.

I was so happy to be pregnant after our 4th attempt of IVF, to find out we were having twins felt like a dream come true, we were so happy.  On the 1st December 2017 our two baby boys arrived, born at 36 weeks.

As exciting as it was (expecting twins) there were times when it felt a little overwhelming.  Discovering you are having twins can be daunting, so many questions arise.  I was very lucky, except for some aches and pains (and sickness in the first 12 weeks) my pregnancy was pretty straight forward, but that didn’t stop me worrying.

Once we got to 20 weeks and found out we were having two boys I decided it was time to start shopping.  We did lots of research into what we really needed and soon had everything ready.

But what I noticed (and still do) was that when it came to the smaller items, gifts, clothes, baby showers etc there didn’t seem to be much related to twins, everything would just say ‘baby’ – I would have to spend a lot of time searching different websites to find what I was looking for.  This is initially how the idea for this site came about, everything in one place.

Being a mum to multiples puts you in a very special club, it may not be the easiest but comes with a whole lot of love. Although we are growing & creating a range of products for you or your friends expecting twins I hope this site will also be a place to find support / information and share experiences with those on the same journey!

Raising more than one baby at a time is a new ball game for most, i’d love to hear your experiences and ideas of what you may like from the site.

I really hope you enjoy and find something you love.