5 Ways to Make a Twin Pregnancy Easier

I wanted this blog to include stories and advice from all different twin mums, we all have different journeys and knowledge to share. So when Danielle from TwinWinning mentioned collaborating together I jumped at the chance. She has some brilliant tips for you pregnant mums which i’m sure will help along the way.

A twin pregnancy is truly not for the weak.

In the beginning, many women experience double the nausea, morning sickness, and exhaustion. In later months, women pregnant with twins carry much more weight, feel far more aches, and experience much more discomfort. 

And trust me, “discomfort”, is putting it lightly. When I was 8 months pregnant with twins if someone had classified it as “discomfort”, they would have felt the wrath of a hormonal giant. 
That said, there ARE things you can do to make a twin pregnancy easier on yourself. Read on for the 5 things to make a twin pregnancy easier. 

1.  Be ok with going off work earlier
When my OB recommended I go off of work at 32 weeks, I thought she was being oeverly cautious. 
Fast forward to week 30, and I couldn’t wait for those last two weeks to fly by. 
While you may think you won’t need it, consider the fact that you may have more physical limitations by that point than you anticipate. Even I, who has a desk marketing job, could not stand the desk at the end.  
Do yourself a favor and proactively tell your office an earlier departure date. And if you can stay longer, great, but if not they will have prepared. 

2.  Buy extra large clothes
If you’re like most women pregnant with twins, you will likely outgrow your pregnancy clothes somewhere near the beginning of the 3rd trimester. 
Do yourself a favor and buy your maternity clothes a size up. You’ll be thankful you did when you’re near the end and extremely uncomfortable. In those last few weeks the last thing you’ll want is clothing riding up and digging in. Anything you can to make yourself comfortable is worth it. 

3.  Adjust your expectations
You likely won’t be going for long walks and doing housework near the end of your twin pregnancy. Nor will you make it to 40 weeks pregnant. 
In fact, most pregnancy books recommend having your baby shower and registry purchased for twins by week 32, and that it’s rare for a twin pregnancy to go much beyond 37 weeks. You’ll also want to be aware of the NICU process.  While it’s definitely not a guarantee that you’ll end up there, there is a higher rate with twins than with singletons. 

4.  EAT
Be prepared to eat when you’re pregnant with twins!  
Most publications advise eating an extra 300 calories per baby in the 2nd trimester, and an extra 500 per baby in the 3rd trimeater.  That’s an extra 1,000 calories per day!  Not only that, some books like When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Dr. Barbara Luke recommend gaining at least 20lbs by 20 weeks.  
While you will need to watch what you eat (high protein, low sugar, balanced diet), I think we can all agree that indulging in these extra calories can be a little treat. 

5.  Have a plan for the first 3 months postpartum
If you think pregnancy with twins is tough, be prepared for the first 3mos. You’ll be on duty 24hrs a day, without a break. Have a plan for support during this time, whether it’s family visits, friend shifts, a cleaning service, meal delivery, a longer partner leave, or something else. 
Most of all, take care of yourself, and do everything you can during pregnancy to make your future life easier.  Precook and freeze meals. Have all the baby gear 100% ready to go. Buy a cube shelf so you don’t have to fold laundry. Do all the hacks. Your future self will thank you. 
So there you have it!

I hope these top 5 tips to make your twin pregnancy easier will help you. Us twin moms need all the tips, hacks, and support.  Can it be hard?  Yes. Can you thrive?  YES.  You’ve got this mama.  And whenever things get hard, come find us – your tribe. We understand and we’ve got your back. 
-Danielle from TwinWinning.com

Danielle is a mom of 3, including boy-girl fraternal twins. She’s experienced the wildness of 3 under 3 and writes about tips & advice for new twin moms over at TwinWinning.com. So please go and check it out.

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