Late Night Shopping

This is a super quick post – but I get the feeling every new mum does this (maybe twin mums more) the late night shopping addiction. When they were little and on the 3 hourly night feeds I would have to keep Ollie up right for a while after his feed due to reflux, so that usually meant me on my phone googling and purchasing from Amazon just about anything that might make life a little easier, if anyone had mentioned on a chat forum or blog something that helped them that may help me get just one more hour of sleep i’d buy it.

It seems easy to look back and laugh just a few months on, but when you are in that sleep deprived first 3/4 months it can feel like it is going to last forever and you would do ANYTHING for just 1 more hour of sleep.

So if you have stumbled across this one random night please do know they will sleep longer and it does get better. But for now, Amazon will be your best friend, and that’s fine.

And like me you can just resell everything that doesn’t work!

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