Out and about with twins!

When the babies arrived I suddenly started to feel I should be doing every class under the sun, will they develop ok without being part of every sensory class going?
But how do you manage with two? Do I really have to drag someone else with me EVERYWHERE!

I remember going to one class and the other mums were all going for lunch after and then onto another group!! I’m thinking, to go out for the day i’m going to need so many bottles, how will I feed them, they are in bassinets so will have to take them out, what about when they both scream, people suddenly look so uncomfortable – it just felt so overwhelming. Especially when you are severely sleep deprived. I’d be lying if I didn’t think sometimes, it must be so nice to be able to take your baby out and know you can pick them up and comfort them, without watching another cry while they have to wait.

I went to the park and Ollie decided he was not happy. He had reflux and was in the bassinet so knew I needed to get him out. I ended up holding him while trying to push the pram, in winter, cold! But I learnt a valuable lesson – take a carrier everywhere! Sometimes it all seems like such hard work, but each stage goes so quick.

For anyone in the early stages wondering all the same things it does get easier, now at 8 months I don’t really think too much about taking them both out – us twin mums may need to think and plan ahead bit more butΒ it does get a lot easier, when they sit up it helps a lot and the hunger breakdowns are not as bad. Until they start moving.. then its another ballgame and the stress starts all over again..(Sorry to say that).

So if you do every class or none remember they will be ok, they will be happy, so try not to worry, you are doing your best and that’s really all that matters.

There are still things which seem impossible, swimming on my own with them – a definite no go until they are older!!!

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