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I wanted to do a post on Access Fertility as we used them for our final and successful round of IVF. This may seem like a weird post to do around Christmas – but for me I always liked to think ahead and know what our plan was for the new year, that helped keep me going through this time of year! So maybe you are deciding what is next and what to try and if using Access was on your list then keep reading, I really would recommend them.

I am not going to go into our whole back story about IVF. I’ll keep it short and say we had 2 fresh transfers and a frozen transfer under the NHS of which none worked!

So then what – for so long we said we would only use our NHS goes and we wouldn’t spend thousands as it would be too stressful, I think truthfully most people think surely it will work after 3 attempts? Right?! I did anyway.

However I just wasn’t ready to stop trying, we looked into the costs at our clinic and other clinics and the same thoughts kept going round – our cycles don’t have a good track record and I may spend £5,000 and it result in absolutely nothing (again). I felt the feeling of it not working and flushing the money down the toilet just seemed like too much. It’s strange if it works you would spend all the money you had – but the thought of being left with debt and no baby it feels just about as bad as it can get.

We thought about it and then I found out about Access, they were offering programmes where you can pay upfront for three cycles and if none of them work you get a full refund – I think like many I thought well if it works first time they are doing alright and I have spent a lot of money – and I guess that’s true but what if like the last three these don’t work. This would give us a chance to get the money back and we could use that for either some time away or look at some other options – it would give us a backup plan. And if it worked – well quite frankly for me every penny would have been worth it.  It’s hard to pay someone more when it may work first time but they are taking a risk too, and for me it massively reduced my stress as I knew we had a few more cycles ‘in the bank’. I felt if we had spent the money with the risk of losing it that would just be more pressure.

So I made the call and had a chat with them and it seemed so easy – I filled out the forms and we were accepted onto the programme we wanted. It really was that easy – they liaised with our clinic and we didn’t have to do much more except concentrate on the cycle.

We were crazy lucky, for the first time we managed to get a couple of good quality embryos! We decided to put in two as after 4 goes we felt we wanted to try everything. And they turned out to be Oliver and Toby!

I decided as I knew we had paid for the three attempts I would go back to basics with the first cycle – no ‘extras’ (only Embryo scope)  just as stress free as possible. (my doctor made lots of recommendations but I decided against these). On the day of transfer I even went to a friend’s hen party (usually I would have not moved for a few days) I just went about my normal life – but don’t worry, I totally still had the usual TWW craziness. I’m not sure there is anything that will cure or ease our minds during that time.

You may time to time see our faces pop up on Access Fertility things as we did a lovely photoshoot with them – all off our own back as we really wanted to share our good experience. Many of the lovely photos on this site are from that shoot. Choosing what to do when it comes to fertility is a minefield and I think listening and seeing what others experiences were really helped me make decisions. I promise this post is in no way affiliated with Access Fertility – just my genuine thoughts 🙂

Should you have any questions at all please do get in touch about Access or IVF in general. Xxx

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